All bands, individuals and organizations sponsoring the event will get complementary admission for all three events.

All sponsors will appear in the programme for the competition and will be published on the PPBSO website.

Sponsorship is necessary to cover the costs associated with the competition. If you, your band, business, or organization wishes to help sponsor the event, please contact Bob Worrall at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 905-335-0110. Please make cheques payable to the “George Sherriff Memorial Invitational Competition”. Thanks once again to all those who have helped sponsor the event over the last 20 years. Without your help none of this would be possible.


Andy Knox

Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders Pipe Band

Atlantic Canada Pipe Band Association

Ben Bhraggie House, Ltd.

Bob Worrall and Todd Weleschuk

British Columbia Pipers

Brown Bagpipe Supply

Bruce Gandy

City of Regina Pipe Band

Darlene Carreiro

David and Anne Gomme

David Naill Co. Ltd.

Donald MacPhee

Doug Matthews/MassedHead

Dundas Pipes and Drums

Durham Regional Police Pipe Band

Eastern United States Pipe Band Association

Glengarry Highland Games

Hamilton Police Service Pipe Band

Hutton family in memory of Ed and Geoff Neigh

Iain MacDonald (Reelpipes.com)

John and Brenda Johnston

John Walsh Bagpipes Ltd.

Ken and Diane Eller

Kinnaird Bagpipes and Reeds 

London Fire Fighters Pipe Band

McCallum Bagpipes

Micah Babinski

Michael Grey/Dunaber Music

Midwest Pipe Band Association

Niagara-Hamilton Branch, PPBSO

Niagara Regional Police Pipes and Drums

Northbridge Insurance

Ottawa Branch, PPBSO

Parent Body, PPBSO

Peel Regional Police Pipe Bands

R. G. Hardie and Co. Ltd.

Rob Roy Pipe Band and Highland Dancers

Roddy MacLeod, M.B.E.

Scott's Highland Services Limited

St. Andrews Pipes and Drums, Mississauga

Streetsville Pipes and Drums

Toronto Branch, PPBSO

Toronto Police Pipe Band (Grade 1)

Toronto Police Pipe Band (Grade 3)

Western Branch, PPBSO

Windsor-Detroit Branch, PPBSO

Windsor Police Pipe Band