2019 Pictures

Sherriff 2019 Group Shot cropped

Sherriff 2019 webpage 003
The 2019 Adjudicators: Glenn Brown, Jim McGillivray and Michael Grey

Sherriff 2019 webpage 002
Master of Ceremonies, Lynda Mackay

Sherriff 2019 webpage 001


Collin Pipes
Overall Winner Colin Johnstone with the MacRae bagpipes, donated by McCallum Bagpipes

Sherriff 2019 webpage 008
Alistair Bevan received a Roddy MacLeod blackwood chanter for his second placing overall. The chanter was donated by Roddy MacLeod, M.B.E.

Sherriff 2019 webpage 004
Tyler Destremps receiving the Piobaireachd Collection for winning the piobaireachd contest. The bound collection was donated by Scott's Highland Services. Tyler also received a Hardie blackwood chanter for his third placing overall.

Sherriff 2019 webpage 006
Liam Melville received a Naill blackwood chanter donated by David Naill Co. Ltd. for his fourth placing overall.
Sherriff 2019 webpage 005
Kevin Darmadi received a Naill blackwood practice chanter donated by David Naill Co. Ltd. for his fifth placing overall.