2019 Results


 Sherriff 2019 Colin 6 8                                                                        
1. Colin Johnstone (Ellenorr & Mrs. MacDonald of Uig)
2. Alistair Bevan (Major John MacLennan & Cameron MacFadyen)
3. Kevin Darmadi (Jean Mauchline & Kenneth J. MacLeod)
4. Joseph Horwath (Games Day at Aboyne & Pipe Major Scott Ruscoe)
5. Liam Melville (Fairview Cottage & Banks of the Farrar)


Sherriff 2019 Alister MSR
1. Alistair Bevan (The Knightswood Ceilidh, Dorrator Bridge, & MacKay from Skye)
2. Colin Johnstone (Dr. Allan MacDonald, Ewe with the Crooked Horn, & Cockerel in the Creel)
3. Tyler Destremps (Jeannie Carruthers, The Fiddler's Joy, & Arnish Light)
4. Blaise Theriault  (Major Manson at Clachantrushal, Cabar Feidh, & The Ferryman)
5. Liam Melville ((John MacDonald's Welcome to South Uist, Lady Louden, & The Rejected Suitor)


Sherriff 2019 Tyler Destremps piob
1. Tyler Destremps (The MacKay's Banner)
2. Liam Melville (Salute to Donald)
3. Colin Johnstone (Lord Lovat's Lament)
4. Liam MacDonald (Hector MacLean's Warning)
5. Alistair Bevan (Nameless, Hiharin Dro O Dro)


Sherriff 2019 Colin Chanter1. Colin Johnstone
2. Alistair Bevan
3. Tyler Destremps
4. Liam Melville
5. Kevin Darmadi